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Below is a current listing of all planned sessions. Education sessions will take place on Monday, March 25th and Tuesday, March 26th. Please note that exact days, times and locations are subject to change. 

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Monday, March 25th

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
A B Graphic – Leading the Finishing Market With Unrivaled Efficiencies

With converters and the label market demanding greater productivity, efficiencies and quality, ABG have developed dedicated new technology such as new flexo modules, improved camera inspection and new turret rewinder developments amongst others.

Jim Kehring, ABG’s Head of Operations in North America, will provide a walkthrough of our latest releases combined with a demo of our fast track technology, and video demo of our NSW technology for the V12.

1:00 PM - 1:45 PM
Cultivating Excellence: SOP Strategies for Production Managers

This empowering session is designed to not only explore the intricacies of SOP precision but also provide insights into fostering a culture of continuous learning. Guided by the expertise of other production managers, unveil effective strategies for developing and optimizing SOPs within your production team. Discover how structured training can significantly enhance operator proficiency, while also allowing for proactive identification of procedural gaps for continuous improvement.

Elevate Print Marketing with an Omnichannel Strategy

Yearning to stand out, make a lasting impression, and become indispensable to your customers? Learn how to harness cutting-edge technologies and revolutionize your approach to print marketing with omnichannel tactics. This strategic fusion will skyrocket your customers' direct mail response rates and drive revenue into your organization. We will also take a deep dive into the realm of tracking and attribution for offline channels, helping you unlock the secret to proving the effectiveness of direct mail. With powerful, data-driven insights at your fingertips, you'll not only add value for your customers, but also create an unshakeable bond that leads to increased re-orders and long-lasting loyalty.

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Get to Know Your Fellow Operators: Open Networking Session

Open Networking Session - Meet your fellow press and prepress operators and ask questions, etc.

HP Spark

HP Spark can create an amazing and innovative customization in a very efficient way. How does the magic work? And how is it connected to ChatGPT? Join this hands-on session to learn

Initiating Sustainable Print Practices

Curious about integrating sustainability into your print company but unsure where to start? Our panel of sustainability experts is here to guide you through the basics and emphasize the significance of that crucial first step. Gain valuable insights as they share best practices, discuss common standards, and shed light on the ultimate goal in the journey towards a sustainable print future. Don't miss this opportunity to chart a greener course for your print business with expert guidance!

Print Security: Safeguarding Data and NetworksConcerned about safeguarding your print business from internal and external threats? Join this panel discussion to gain essential strategies and learn from real-world experiences where security has been exploited. Extract valuable lessons and best practices to fortify data against breaches and secure networks from external exploits.
2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Achieving Production Excellence with Print Metrics

Explore print precision with a focus on tailored metrics and KPIs for production managers. Identify warning signs like print speed and quality issues and gain preventative strategies for optimal performance. Learn to measure and recognize early indicators, enhancing your print operations efficiently.

Digital Moves to the Pole Position and HP Indigo Has You Covered With the Right Label Press for Every Job

HP Indigo is revolutionizing labels printing again. With the industry's most advanced portfolio of digital label presses, HP Indigo flips the conversation from analog to an Indigo-first business model. Learn how the HP Indigo V12, 200k, 8k and 6k rival traditional flexo printing for speed, quality and sustainability. Leading Indigo innovations empower brands to minimize inventory, prevent obsolescence, and embrace the full range of digital advantage across their entire range of products. Bottom line: respond faster, reduce TCO, and grow your competitive edge with HP Indigo.

Efficient Load Balancing in Multi-Site Print Environments

Uncover the intricacies of load balancing across presses in multi-site installations, focusing on the challenges and solutions associated with DFE print servers for each press. In this session, understand the complexities of moving work between servers and discover strategies for efficient rerouting in the face of operational challenges. Obtain practical insights into optimizing your print workflow across multiple sites, ensuring seamless operations and maximizing productivity.

Sustainability as a Differentiator

Your business can be a force for good; inspiring and effecting positive change for the environment. The good thing is people want to buy from companies that foster environmental stewardship. However, the question is, how do you tell that story effectively, and remain authentic while differentiating your business and building value? Learn about Rootree's journey as a pioneer in sustainable flexible packaging, where it gets its drive to continue on this path, and how it has built its unique reputation and following.

2:00 PM - 2:45 PM
Be a Front Runner with PrintOS

Get to the finish line, don’t let your competition outpace you. Fuel your crew's productivity with the PrintOS tri-fecta: Inventory Manager, Service Center and Learn.


PrintOS OEE enables you to increase print capacity through measurable operational improvements. In this class you will experience OEE hands-on. Learn how to setup and customize OEE, and most importantly how to read the OEE reports, get the insights, improve and increase your performance.

2:45 PM - 3:30 PM
Boosting Direct Mail Success: USPS Sales Strategies and Best Practices

The United States Postal Service has an array of programs and tools to help grow your direct marketing business. Hear from an expert USPS specialist about their tools to increase response rates and drive growth with Direct Mail. This session will also showcase a leading printer who developed a winning strategy for selling digital marketers on the benefits and ROI of highly targeted campaigns that utilize print to create the next-level of campaign success.

Driving Scalable Growth Through Innovative Partnerships

What are the benefits of scaling, and how can you leverage collaborative ventures to achieve profound growth? In this enlightening session you’ll understand the benefits, challenges, and strategic maneuvers that fuel sustained success. Additionally, gain insight on the benefits of establishing partnerships with lead generator platforms, creators and e-commerce platforms. 

Regulatory Considerations When Moving From Labels To Flexible Packaging In Digital Printing

The presentation will include considerations around inks/ coatings, and downstream performance, such as food contact, migration and process conditions for flexible packaging. It will also touch on how the use of coatings can be helpful as we move to a more circular economy enabling a broader substrate use.

This session is presented by:


Unlocking Potential: Strategies for Talent Excellence in Print

Whether you're cultivating talent within your organization or scouting for new hires, this session offers valuable insights. Designed to empower production and IT managers, this panel discussion delves into talent identification, in-house training, and successful retention practices. From cultivating technical expertise to fostering production prowess, this session provides a comprehensive guide for managers seeking to empower their teams and drive success in today's dynamic workplace.

3:15 PM - 4:00 PM
Need for Speed in Automation

Discover the transformative power of automation in this dynamic session. Learn how to elevate your productivity and efficiency by embracing automation's full potential through integration and logic.

Spot Master and Spot Master Share

Spot Master is an HP Indigo unique technology that enables to reach brand colors automatically and accurately, keep the colors consistently along the print run and share the results with the converter’s staff and customers. Join this class in order to learn how to best utilize this exciting technology.

3:45 PM - 4:15 PM
HP PageWide Drupa New Features Reveal and Deep Dive

Experience the excitement of all new things Drupa today at Dscoop Indy! Learn about the new HP PageWide technology advancements today - two months before Drupa. Also learn why and how HP's Thermal Inkjet Technology is the best for web fed applications to help you grow your business.

Reinventing Young Talent Recruitment and Retention

Students from Dscoop partner schools will talk about their career aspirations and what they seek in an employer. This is an opportunity to hear perspectives on the industry from the next generation of printing professionals. The session will promote a dialogue between students and the audience.

Software Solutions for Business Diversification

Join this session for a practical discussion of software solutions, empowering you to make informed choices that align with your diversification goals. Review available options and learn how other organizations effectively manage similar workflows. Gain perspectives on seamless integration with your presses and weigh the pros and cons of in-house development versus acquiring software. Elevate your workflows, embrace efficiency, and pave the way for successful diversification with the right software choices.

Unlock Profitability: How to Optimize your Vendor Network

In the fast-paced world of sales and marketing, it's easy to stick with what's worked in the past. However, it's time to consider new strategies that can breathe fresh life into your business. This presentation series delves into the unexplored potential of collaborating with your vendors, an often underutilized resource in the print industry.

What Attendees Will Learn:

1. Leveraging Vendor Expertise: Tap into your vendors' extensive knowledge to create unique opportunities.

2. Enhancing Customer Engagement: Involve vendors in conversations with your customers to provide valuable insights.

3. Educational Opportunities: Host educational events with your vendors, offering valuable insights to help customers make informed decisions.

In the highly competitive print industry, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. This presentation is designed to empower you to forge successful partnerships with your vendors and unlock new avenues for growth and innovation in the print industry.

4:30 PM - 5:15 PM
Fostering Sustainability in Print: Monadnock's Journey Towards #Unplastic Solutions

Julie Brannen, Director of Regional Sales & Sustainable Solutions at Monadnock Paper Mills, invites Dscoop members to a transformative session focused on the intersection of sustainability and digital print innovation. This session is designed to spark conversations around the pivotal shift towards eco-friendly printing practices. Julie will share Monadnock's pioneering journey in developing #unplastic initiatives and leveraging 100% post-consumer recycled fiber for a range of paper printing substrates, including the groundbreaking Envi Paper Gift Card, durable packaging boards, and compelling retail signage.

This session is an opportunity to explore how Monadnock's sustainable solutions complement HP's digital printing technologies, creating a synergy that enhances both environmental stewardship and business growth. Engage with Julie and your peers to discuss practical strategies for integrating sustainable materials into your offerings, enhancing your value proposition in a market increasingly driven by consumerism. Join us to build partnerships and gain actionable insights that will empower your business to lead in sustainability and innovation within the Dscoop community.

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HP Indigo Drupa Commercial Press Reveal and Deep Dive

Experience the excitement of Drupa today at Dscoop Indy! Learn about the new HP Indigo technology advancements and press models today - a full two months before Drupa.

Race Into xRServices

Gear up for a transformative journey with xRServices! Unleash your potential in the ultimate race between operators, where excellence meets innovation. Elevate your skills, outpace the competition, and emerge as a champion with xRServices. The driving force behind success in the fast lane of cutting-edge operations.

The AI Pitstop: An Introduction

Step into the fast lane of printing with our revolutionary Printing Press Operator Experience! Introducing our cutting-edge solutions fueled by AI-driven intelligence for predictive maintenance and seamless troubleshooting. Shift into high gear and experience efficiency in your printing operations.

The Realities of AI in the Photo App World

AI has overtaken the conversation on digital imaging. From creating images out a simple text prompt to automatically enhancing images, AI has many different roles to play in photography. This session explores how AI is being used to improve the printing experience in photo apps.

Winning the Sales Race: From AI to EZOnce upon a time, the primary sales challenges could be counted on two hands. But now, between the hybrid worker and the advent of AI, sales people are finding new obstacles to sales growth. Let’s talk about how to embrace change while sticking to the fundamentals. Let’s maximize sales productivity. Let’s align our marketing efforts with our selling activity and cross the finish line with the checkered flag waving over our heads as we speed by.

Tuesday, March 26th

1:15 PM - 2:00 PM
Double-Digit Growth: New Opportunities in Flexible Packaging

Digital flexible packaging is a proven growth market with huge untapped potential.  There are three main types of players entering this attractive market: analog players adding digital capabilities, label converters diversifying into Flexible Packaging, and digital disruptors building their business from scratch without prior experience. in this panel we'll hear from each of them about operational, business and sustainable aspects plus hear how they grew their business.

Let Your Job Data Flow with Zaikio: The Platform for a Truly Automated Print Business

Zaikio removes the hurdles caused by the lack of connectivity between all systems in a print shop. The outcome is the automation of existing processes. In this presentation you will see live how job data runs automatically from Web2Print, ERP or your MIS directly into your Indigos, PageWides and more, without any individual integration.

This session is presented by: 


Precision Analytics for Print Production

Explore data-driven insights in print production during this knowledge-packed session. Discover strategies for collecting accurate and reliable data, ensuring trust in your analytics throughout the entire workflow and production cycle. Learn how to leverage this data to evaluate operator utilization, optimize team performance, and streamline your workflow. Don't miss this opportunity to master the art of data-driven decision-making!

Race into xRServices (#2)

Gear up for a transformative journey with xRServices! Unleash your potential in the ultimate race between operators, where excellence meets innovation. Elevate your skills, outpace the competition, and emerge as a champion with xRServices. The driving force behind success in the fast lane of cutting-edge operations.

The Science of Social: Grow Your Brand, Connect with Customers and Increase Sales

Today understanding the business of social media is essential for print companies to stay competitive and grow. This presentation offers practical insight into how print service providers can use social media platforms to grow their brand, better engage with customers in a meaningful way, acquire new customers and increase sales.

2:15 PM - 2:45 PM
From Ink to Impact

Branded By Woods underwent a strategic transformation, pivoting from a traditional printer to a dynamic branding agency, amplifying its services to provide comprehensive branding solutions for its clients. This evolution allowed the company to meet diverse customer needs holistically, expand its reach beyond printing, and become a one-stop destination for businesses seeking impactful brand development and marketing strategies.

How the Intelligent Factory of Tomorrow Uses Automated Data Collection, Robots and AI to Clear the Production Floor Fog and Address Labor Challenges

During the pandemic, the cost of labor skyrocketed. Skilled workers became scarce and operational efficiency declined dramatically. This session will show you how to get ahead of labor challenges by using robotics and expanded PrintOS Print Beat data from devices on your entire shop floor to recover lost production capacity while bringing your operation to new levels of efficiency.

Transformative Choices: Insights from Printers Growing with HP PageWide

Listen to a diverse group of forward-thinking printers who made the choice to grow using HP PageWide Inkjet Presses. In this session they will share insights from their journies including how their marketing, sales and production changed and what they learned along the way.

Unleashing Unlimited Growth: Expand Your Business Reach with the HP Indigo Digital Press Family

Expand your customer base and take your business to new heights of profitability with the HP Indigo family of commercial presses. Learn about new applications and the expansive range of inks, substrates and print modes you will use to produce everything from high quality photo and commercial products to heat transfer garments, folding cartons and more.

2:30 PM - 3:15 PM
Improving Your Experience with the HP Production Pro for L&P Server (Web DFE)

Troubleshooting techniques, tips and tricks to utilize for improving your workflow and experience on your L&P (web) DFE server. Topics will include imposition, color, ticket templates, and others.


Creating an E2E winning campaign with HP Indigo. From design with HP Creative tools, generating print-ready files with PrintOS Imposer and Composer, RIPping on Production Pro and printing on HP Indigo presses.

3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Accelerating Sales and Marketing Efficiency with AI

Today’s print marketers often find themselves operating with limited resources and time constraints. The need for efficient and effective marketing content is more crucial than ever. This session explores the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to not only meet but exceed these challenges. What you will learn:

• The role of AI on the Marketing team

• How to use AI for brainstorming and planning

• Strategies for crafting high-value content at scale

• What tools are available and when to use them

By leveraging real-world examples from The BoxMaker, a leader in digitally printed and finished corrugated packaging and labels, this session will offer actionable insights tailored for the printing industry. Attendees will leave the session not only inspired to implement these cutting-edge tools for themselves but also empowered with the know-how to maximize their existing resources for greater efficiency and success.

Automate to Elevate: Revolutionizing Print with AI

Picture this: your print operations seamlessly humming along and your team rocking peak efficiency. Join this panel discussion to gain a comprehensive understanding of how automation and AI synergize to streamline workflows, minimize errors, and amplify overall productivity. Relying on real use cases, you’ll learn the art of seamlessly incorporating AI solutions into your print processes and discover effective strategies for presenting these innovations to clients. Elevate your business efficiency, impress clients with cutting-edge innovation, and be a pioneer in the future of print. 

Automating Print Quality Control Through Advanced HP PrintOS and Indigo Press Technologies

Hear how leading PSPs use advanced HP Indigo on-press technologies and the PrintOS Quality Power Pack including Color Beat, Automated G7 certification and Spot Master Share to consistently deliver the highest color quality while saving time and labor. Learn about processes and tools that can help you produce consistent, high-quality color reproduction from a panel of production experts. 

Business Automation Secrets: A Journey for Opening New Markets and Growth

Grow without limits by using automation to address new markets that were previously out of reach. A panel of leading PSPs will share their success and lessons learned from investments in automation from order submission through shipping.

3:45 PM - 4:30 PM
Adopting a Digital Automation Mindset For Transformative Growth

We live is a digital world where business moves faster than ever. Access to real-time information and insights from the office, production floor, home or even while attending Dscoop Indy can mean the difference between securing the next sale and losing to competition.   Learn ways to check your thinking and how it may be holding you back.  Join a panel of leading peers and discover ways to minimize risk while responding faster and accelerating company growth.

Leveraging a Configuration HUB for Print and Finishing

In a world where print providers are taking in more varied work, short runs, and adding embellishment, how do you manage and standardise jobs for print and finishing? Managing a wide range of applications from commercial, labels, books, packaging and VDP and eliminating as much make ready, how do you do it all and win the race! Join this session to learn how.

This session is presented by: 

Photo Marketing Trends and Opportunities

The photo merchandise market continues to grow as more and more markets add products to their offerings. In this session, David Haueter of Rise Above Research will talk about the latest trends within the photo merchandise market. Top-level forecast data will also be provided, as well as future trends from industry experts.

This session is sponsored by

Pointers on the HP Production Flow Server (Commercial /Sheetfed DFE)

Troubleshooting techniques, tips and tricks to utilize for improving your workflow and experience on your Commercial (sheet feed) DFE server. Topics will include imposition, color, ticket templates, and others.

Selling Across Generations

A successful sales rep connects with a customer; an easier task when that client is close to your own age. But selling to someone 20, 30, or even 40 years your senior or junior becomes a far more formidable task. This session features a panel of sales reps from differing age groups. It will be a give and take conversation and a chance for you to hear how other generations connect, communicate, and buy as well as a chance to give others tips on selling to you.

The AI Pitstop: An Introduction (#2)

Step into the fast lane of printing with our revolutionary Printing Press Operator Experience! Introducing our cutting-edge solutions fueled by AI-driven intelligence for predictive maintenance and seamless troubleshooting. Shift into high gear and experience efficiency in your printing operations.

Sessions subject to change