Partner Technology & Innovations at Edge Indy

The Solutions Showcase at Edge Indy will be full of innovative tools and technologies designed to supercharge your business efficiency and expand your customer offerings. From automation software and finishing to materials handling and substrates, you'll find solutions to improve every part of your business.


APS Imaging Solutions has partnered with HP to showcase our industrial speed LF2000 All In Max for true Layflat book production as well as our TP450 VS for single sided prints. We will be in the HP booth with one of the HP Indigo NPIs.

B&R Moll

Booth #2077 will be bringing our FlexCut 760 Digital Rotary Die Cutter. It can handle up to a 30”x30” sheet, 7-24pt stock, run speeds up to 7,000 sheets/hr, and is completely nick-less. We will have this machine up and running during show hours, demonstrating the nick-free cutting, inline stripping, and digital print-to-cut register on M6 Cards.

General Formulations

General Formulations (GF), the leading global manufacturer of pressure-sensitive print media, is helping customers expand and improve product offerings with its 14 top-selling film and laminate solutions showcasing at Dscoop Edge Indy. The company’s line of printable digital sheet media, recognized as Narrow Format Digital (NFD), was developed by GF’s experienced technical research & development team.

GF’s NFD products feature a proprietary top coating for trouble-free production with no blocking, even on static cling items. The products are offered in both 19 x 13” sheets as well as B2, 29.5 x 20.5” and are HP Certified, having passed with 3-star ratings across all testing categories. GF’s film and laminate solutions are the perfect option to create consistency across all print platforms, including Narrow Format Digital, Wide Format Digital, Offset, and UV InkJet Digital.


Stop by the GM booth #2081 at Edge of Indy Solutions Showcase to see the “New GM DC350Flex” Witness outstanding Haptic and Digital Embellishment effects first hand! 

GM DC350Flex fully modular platform, base configuration as shown are “In-USA-Stock” and ready for immediate shipment, additional modules can be “Field added” in less than 90 Days

Stop by the GM booth #2081 at Edge of Indy Solutions Showcase to see the “New GM DC350Flex.” Witness outstanding Haptic and Digital Embellishment effects first hand!

GM DC350Flex fully modular platform, base configuration as shown are “In-USA-Stock” and ready for immediate shipment, additional modules can be “Field added” in less than 90 Days

HP Industrial Print

The HP Drupa Portfolio

Come see HP's latest innovations for labels, commercial print and flexible packaging!


Join KURZ at booth #1081 to witness our transfer-on-toner technology in action with the DM-SMARTLINER. This innovative machine allows you to incorporate stunning metallic 2D effects into your existing sheet-fed printing process. Whether you're focused on commercial production or mass customization, short runs, or special editions, our stand-alone solution promises increased profits, speed, and productivity!


Lemorau MEBRis a digital finishing machine designed with a modular concept, offering flexibility in configurations and the option to add or upgrade modules according to customer requirements. The die-cutting unit operates in both semi-rotary and full rotary modes—ideal for short runs and high-speed longer runs, respectively. The machine maintains registration tolerance seamlessly, even during acceleration, deceleration, and production due to servo technology. The standard configuration comes equipped with web guide and splice table, magnetic cylinder, 6 sets of circular knives in cassette system and double rewinder with interchangeable air shafts. The smart software enables the recording of numerous settings, facilitating a faster setup process and minimizing material waste.

Lemorau CTA 1500 is an automatic core cutter machine. It cuts cores to precise measurements across their entire length and in specified quantities. With user-friendly features, can cut up to 50 cuts/min, and includes 4 core diameters: 1”, 1.5”, 2” and 3”. CTA 1500 includes a fully automated cutting cycle and allows to have any core size on demand.

Lemorau ER 400 is a portable roll lifter, capable of lifting rolls up to 150 or 250 Kg (331 or 551 lbs). It comes equipped with a safety brake, ensuring secure loading, unloading, and transportation of rolls. Available in 3 different working heights, these roll lifters are game-changers for daily production. They're not just easy to maneuver around but also compact and very easy to operate. An indispensable tool for efficient workflows.

Martin Automatic

Experience how Martin nonstop web automation can easily turn your HP Indigo or PageWide presses into nonstop profit making centers – ask us about or collaboration with HP on both of these platforms. We invite you in for hands-on demos and interaction with these easy-to-use and easy-to-understand machines. We are confident that you will find web automation as exciting and we do.

MoviĜo Robotics

At MoviĜo Robotics we offer robotized transport solutions for production environments and PSP,s. Together with HP Indigo we have integrated our software with HP Print OS. This allows our Ŝharko 5 Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) to collaborate directly with HP Indigo machines. It receives transportation tasks from the press to load and unload the feeders and stackers, pick up and drop off pallets in the warehouse and transport to finishers and cutters. 

To support the total flow of materials we offer a variety of options to create transport tasks, and manage locations, using our vision and virtual button software. This allows you to fully control the flow of materials during the complete printing process.


The Komfi® Amiga 52 thermal laminating system is ideal for automated single-sided lamination. Its deep-pile top feeder enables operators to set down large stacks of sheets at a time, and its mis-feed and temperature-drop detection features ensure high-quality results without constant supervision. This unit’s accessible control panel includes a host of programmable settings, including the ability to preset and save job parameters for similar runs. Ideal for laminating brochures, direct mail, greeting cards, and a wide variety of other applications, the Amiga 36 top feeder features burst separation and automatically adjusts its speed based on the number of sheets remaining in the feeder.  

Nobelus® offers both digital and conventional flexible packaging converters a full line of print web films in the Flexible Packaging Film Portfolio. This collection of high-quality films includes cost-effective basic finishes and specialty options that help packaging form an instant connection with consumers, including a new tactile film that will be launched at Dscoop Edge 2024. Now converters can offer brands new packaging formats and explore unique market opportunities with low minimum order quantities, short turnaround times, and full support from the Nobelus team. Our in-house solutions experts have cumulative decades of experience in flexible packaging and can offer dedicated guidance on application engineering, food safety, workflow optimization, and much more.

The Prime Label Unsupported Film Portfolio from Nobelus® offers prime label converters a broad selection of finishes, from essential gloss and matte options to premium soft-touch and holographic effects. Manufactured with no adhesive layer, these films are designed for wet lamination in conjunction with UV or LED curing technology. Through wet lamination, converters can step into new markets, roll out more finishes than ever before, and save money over comparable self-wound options. An exciting new specialty tactile film will be revealed at Dscoop Edge 2024.

Rollem International

Insignia Sheet-Fed Rotary Die-Cutters 

Designed with versatility, ease of operation and quick changeovers, Insignia Die-Cutters are production-driven machines, ideal for converting digital press outputs into the high-value products your customer’s demand. 

Preview the Insignia 6H PLUS Die-Cutter as it performs die-cutting, kiss-cutting, creasing, perforating, embossing with automated waste removal. The PLUS model includes a touchscreen interface for further ease of operation. Whether it’s folded cartons, photo cards, presentation folders, ID cards, door hangars or industrial overlays, this powerful machine is the ideal converting system to complement sheet-fed Indigo presses. 

Insignia is available in four model sizes starting at 20x15”, 20x20”, 24x24”, 30x24” sheet capacity. It can handle stock weights up to 0.024” thicknesses or 0.030” on the X3 model, with speeds of up to 5,000 sph.  Insignia offers three delivery options including a shingle delivery table, a StackMaster unit or sheet stacking delivery. Insignia also operates in-line or near-line with folding/gluing units for carton or direct mail finishing. Each model comes standard with an automatic waste removal unit.

Insignia is a production driven die-cutting solution for both short-run repeats and high-volume runs. Increase your profits with Insignia’s unique converting capabilities.

Jetstream XY Slit+Score+Perf System 

Jetstream is Rollem’s signature solution delivering Finishing Automation for Direct Mail, Business Cards, Postcards, Retail Shelf Tabs, and Billing Statements. 

High volume runs require well-built, dependable finishing systems to maintain production levels. Introducing Jetstream - a multi-process, XY Slitting, Scoring and Perforating system. 

Jetstream is available in three model sizes, 23”, 29” or 36” widths. It handles stock weights up to 0.024” cardstock along with coated, non-coated and UV laminated finishes. Speeds up to 10,000 sph. In addition to its standard functions, other standard processes include four-sided trimming, bleed slitting, T or L pattern perforating or strike-slitting for cutting of multiple-up business card sheets. This system operates as a stand-alone system or it can be integrated directly with your press or UV coater for further streamlining. 

The “Dutch-Cut” configuration is ideal for slitting multiple-up billing sheets. Press sheets with even or odd number of images per sheet (bills or statements) are center cut splitting the sheet in two halves with each fed into a separate cutter for maximum production.  Mix and max configurations and delivery units or, choose a single direction Rollaway unit when just one direction finishing is required.

Jetstream delivers the most cost-effective methos for cutting high volumes – eliminating excess paper movements and touch points while lower labor costs.  

SEI Laser by Matik

Booth 2058

See for yourself the high-speed, and quality performance of the SEI Laser Labelmaster at DSCOOP Edge. Live demonstrations cutting, micro/macro perforating, marking on a variety of substrates.

Bring your files on a USB drive to see your files cut LIVE at DSCOOP Edge! 


Significans Automation

Significans Automation delivers software and process integration services. (Booth #1097)

We offer programming and expertise in custom automated and AI workflow development, deployment of communication and project management systems and end-to-end business integration.

While upholding software neutrality, we advise and tailor best-in-class software to optimally fit the application requirements, environment, culture and budgets.

The level of sophistication that is provided increases profitability, improved quality control, and enhanced production efficiency, enabling AI and Robotics.

Introducing an entry-level prepress automation solution tailored to address the demands of print and label applications. This comprehensive package showcases a "PDF to Press" solution designed specifically for preflight and signature imposition, fine-tuned for optimal performance with all HP series presses.

HP Turbo Switch Packs are a combo of software and services that include workflow and layout software, maintenance, app subscriptions, pre-configured workflows complemented by install, training, and support services provided by Significans Automation's workflow experts.

Equipped with advanced capabilities, print operators can reap the benefits of workflow automation, leading to reduced manual production and increased efficiency.

Designed for rapid deployment, full implementation is achievable within hours. Furthermore, the software is open, expandable, and has integration capabilities with other software solutions, ensuring adaptability and scalability to meet the ever-evolving needs.

Standard Finishing Systems & Horizon

Standard Finishing Systems is the North American distributor for Horizon and Hunkeler

The Horizon BQ-270V single-clamp binder offers high-quality production perfect binding with fully automated operation, push-button simplicity, and on-demand production of variable thickness books. The binder includes an automated, sensor-activated digital caliper system which consistently measures book block thickness and automatically transfers this data to the binder for quick, automated set-up with no cycle lag time for books of different thicknesses. Designed to meet the needs of the short-run, print-on-demand book market, the BQ-270V also features single-person production of up to 500 books per hour. Other key features include automatic air-suction cover feeding with in-line scoring, a large 10.4″ intelligent color touch-screen, job programming, and a compact configuration.

The Horizon HT-300 Three-side Trimmer will be shown in-line with the BQ-270V, the HT-300 features fully automated setup with color touchscreen control. The system offers higher productivity, unique corner cut capability, optional flap cover trimming, and its automated setup can be barcode driven. The HT-300 can process up to 300 books/stacks per hour (4 books/stack x 300 = 1,200 bph). It can be easily run in-line with the BQ-270V (as shown at Dscoop) and the BQ-500 perfect binders for seamless book production. Customizable color-coded, interior LED lights tell operators the machine status at a glance. With multiple options for feeders, stackers, or conveyors, the HT-300 can be configured depending on your unique needs.

The Horizon CRF-362 Creaser/Folder has been designed to handle the unique requirements of creasing and folding digital color output across a wide range of light and heavy weight stocks, coated or uncoated. Creasing and folding can be done in one pass for easy and accurate processing of a variety of applications such as restaurant menus, greeting cards, book covers, and marketing collateral. The system uses an impact scoring technology that eliminates or minimizes cracking of the stock or printed image. Set-up and changeovers – including fold pattern, creasing number, and up/down crease selection – can be easily achieved through the high-resolution color touchscreen designed for simple and intuitive operation.

The Horizon APC-610 Programmable Paper Cutter features a maximum cutting width of 24″ and a maximum lift height of 3.9″.  The APC-610 includes advanced set-up automation through a user-friendly 5″ icon-based touch-screen that displays all settings necessary for automated setup. The highly polished, chrome-plated worktable virtually eliminates paper marking and provides a smooth, friction-free surface for lift travel. A high-performance back-gauge screw and precision-forged linear raceway accurately positions the lift. A two-speed motor system precisely positions the back-gauge and ensures maximum cutting accuracy.

These systems will be connected to iCE LiNK, Horizon’s new cloud-based information and diagnostics management tool designed to increase efficiency and productivity in your bindery. Learn more about our special limited time offer which includes a free, 3-year subscription license with all new Horizon purchases and supports connectivity for up to 20 machines.


Be the first to witness the all new Taopix Online at booth #2050 – the software platform of choice for photobooks and personalized print. Customized editing experiences, enriched user journeys and more are all written within futureproofed technology to bring you into a new era of photo printing.

Taopix have worked with PSP’s all over the world, helping them to grow their business and volume in both B2C and B2B2C landscapes. Paving the way for personalized print since 2007, Taopix are the trusted choice for hundreds of businesses globally for their personalization software.


Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Tracer is a leader in the photo and customizable product development arena. Tracer’s roots began in lenticular printing, delivering unique and impactful prints to Fortune 500 companies and world renowned artists alike. After years of building up its speciality in printing, Tracer reimagined the photo product marketplace in 2014 by owning the end-to-end process of ideating, creating and manufacturing its products. Now, with over 75 patents and 11 copyrights, Tracer is now leading innovation in the customized product space, specializing in wall and home décor.

Today, Tracer manufactures and sells its products to printers, distributors and in-store photo labs. For partners, like brick and mortar retailers and national online marketplaces, Tracer also provides a full print and assembly product offering. 

At DSCOOP, the Tracer team looks forward to introducing its best-in-class products and services, with particular enthusiasm around their “no nails” wall décor hanging system and their Corning Gorilla Glass prints, which are the best alternative for acrylic (of course!). 

More Partner Technology & Innovations Coming Soon!