Education Listing By Role

Below is a listing of sessions by role-themed tracks. Please note that exact days, times and locations are subject to change.

You run a digital print business serving a variety of clients. Keen to learn about automation tools, you seek knowledge about platforms that can streamline your workflows, manage client orders, and balance print schedules. You're particularly interested in learning about scalable solutions that could grow with your business. You also want to understand how to better manage customer expectations through effective communication and efficient project tracking.

You oversee the technical infrastructure of a digital print company with a connected IT infrastructure. Interested in emerging technologies, you are keen to learn about advanced systems that can support high data volumes, use artificial intelligence (AI), and enhance system security. You also want to know more about data management best practices, particularly concerning backing up and protecting sensitive client files. 

Always seeking to improve operations, you are interested in workflow management systems that can help you monitor ongoing projects, manage deadlines, and assign tasks. You are in search of predictive analytics tools that could help you foresee potential bottlenecks or maintenance needs. Your learning interests also include understanding reporting and data analysis better as well as strategies for  managing and motivating your team,.

You drive sales and manage marketing efforts in a digital print business. Always interested in keeping up with the latest trends in sales and marketing, you want to learn more about the capabilities of modern CRM systems and how they can help you track leads and manage customer relationships. You're also intrigued by the power of marketing automation platforms for customer segmentation and targeted campaigns. 


You operate an HP digital press at a dynamic digital printing  company. You're responsible for ensuring the quality of print jobs and managing the technical aspects of the press, including calibrations and routine maintenance. Your role is critical in fulfilling the expectations of both the production manager and the customer.

Sessions subject to change