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Below is a current listing of all planned sessions. 
Education sessions will take place on Monday, May 8th and Tuesday, May 9th.
Please note that exact days, times and locations are to come.

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Automation, Automation, Automation
How do you effectively manage labor shortages, e-commerce business models, increasing pressure for faster turnaround, detailed reporting requirements and high levels of color control? Automation from job receipt to shipping is the key to profitable growth. Learn where to start, what tools are available, and best practices from Dscoop members and HP partners.
Best Practices in Book Manufacturing Automation
What's new in book factory automation? From workflow through finishing, this panel of experts has a lot to share!
Building Your Social Media Blueprint

When Italic Inc redefined their business they knew that leaning heavily into social media would help reposition their company with target customers. Scotty Graham was tasked with building their online presence and personality. After taking class on social media brand building and plenty of trial and error, what emerged was a repeatable content producing engine. In this session Scotty will share the social media blueprint that he developed to connect with and grow their ideal audience.

Business Growth Opportunites in the Digital Pouch Marketplace
The session will present opportunities to grow your business with the only proven technology for on-demand, sustainable flexible packaging in the market today.
Capitalizing on the Ecommerce and Social Media Economy
Join this e-commerce power session to learn how to build an e-commerce business, set pricing and optimize e-commerce selling techniques from an expert with over 15 years' experience. Then hear how Dscoop members are leveraging PrintOS Site Flow to serve e-commerce brands, open new markets and grow.
Capture New Business across Markets with the Latest HP Innovations
Yesterday, today and tomorrow. These PageWide and Indigo customers have grown thwir businesses across segments and want to share their insight.
Creative Printing Inspiration From Across the Globe

Add value, win more work, and grow with jaw-dropping designs and production from HP Indigo. This session will present success stories created with HP Indigo technologies, including unique print capabilities, different inks, and creative and variable data tools that empower brands to communicate marketing messages directly from the printed products. These tools are helping brands engage consumers and create differentiation on the retail shelf.

Empowering the Workforce: Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

This first in a two-part series, this interactive session will explore strategies for attracting and retaining new talent in a print industry that is facing an aging workforce. Attendees will examine the current job market and learn how to position their company as a desirable place to work. Whether you are a manager, supervisor or business owner, this session will provide you with practical tips and techniques to attract and retain the best people in the industry. 

Empowering the Workforce: Engagement and Development

The second in a two-part series, this panel session will focus on strategies for promoting employee engagement and providing opportunities for professional development. Attendees will learn about the benefits of fostering a positive work environment, such as increased productivity and employee satisfaction. The session will also cover the importance of professional development, including training and career advancement opportunities. Attendees will leave with the knowledge and tools they need to create a dynamic, engaged and motivated workforce.

Find Your Brand Voice so the Right People Hear You

In this session Shanna Vollmer from Pixa Creative will show you how to develop a distinctive brand voice that speaks directly to your target audience. Through various exercises, including persona development and journey mapping, you will walk away with the tools to create a brand personality that will make it easier to create content that resonates with your customers and prospects.

Goal Achieved: 100,000 Impressions per Shift, Every Shift
Production-speed digital print is here today. Join this interactive session of executives and operations managers to learn how they print 100,000 impressions per shift, and why the HP Indigo 100K is changing the digital print business model.
How to Get Started on Your Climate Action Journey
In this engaging discussion, a panel of PSPs and brand leaders will share how they began their climate action programs. They will delve into the reasons behind their decision to take action and the strategies they employed in structuring their programs. The panelists will provide insights into the challenges they encountered, the successes they have achieved and the lessons they have learned along the way.
Is Marketing the New Sales?

Where does marketing end and sales begin? It’s become more blurry with the advent of personal branding. Good marketing never seemed to make it to the top of the priority list. Today, there’s a new reality and what was once optional is now mandatory. That puts marketing in a whole new light. All throughout Dscoop, you will hear this point hit over and over. In this presentation, Bill Farquharson and Kelly Mallozzi make sense of information and ideas you have heard during the Sales and Marketing Spectacular and provide ways for you to apply it immediately.

Marketing & Selling Value (Instead of Capabilities)
If you cannot communicate why your solution is different, better and more valuable than your competition, there’s not much technology or even price can do to fix it. Join us as we discuss how to have a different, higher-value conversation with a different, higher-level audience, that results in a more engaged, consultative sales strategy.
Maximizing Efficiency and Flexibility with a Distributed Print Network
Maximizing Efficiency and Flexibility with a Distributed Print Platform Are you interested in expanding the reach of your printing services? Dscoop members are leveraging the community network to deliver print jobs for their customers in other countries or segments. Imagine that you now have the capability to deliver print for your customers when and where they need it. Join us for this informative session and walk away with a better understanding of the Dscoop Distributed Print Platform and how it can help your business succeed.
Maximizing Revenue Generation on Your HP PageWide Digital Press
A PageWide inkjet web press was just installed. What tips and tricks should you be doing, planninng and thinking about? Ask a pro!
Paper, More Paper, and Supply Chain Today
From offset to digital, coated and uncoated, ColorPRO and treated, and all the possible paper variations, the question is, "What works, and what’s causing you trouble?" From color, drying, remoisturizing and more, get the latest updates and ask this panel of experts the hard questions. You'll walk away with valuable guidance and recommended best practices.
Partnering for Personalized Photo Products
The sheer number of possible personalized photo products means most brands and retailers look at a variety of outsource partners for fulfillment. What are the traits of a good partnership? What are red flags when evaluating an outsource partner? This panel will cover all these questions and more.
Photo Merchandise Market Trends and Opportunities
The photo merchandise market continues to grow as more and more businesses add products to their offerings. In this session, David Haueter of Rise Above Research will talk about the latest trends within the photo merchandise market. Top-level forecast data will also be provided. This session is sponsored by Mediaclip.
Reimagine New Hire Recruiting and Retention
Students from Dscoop partner schools will talk about their career aspirations and what they seek in an employer. This is an opportunity to hear perspectives on the industry from the next generation of printing pros. The session will feature an interactive Q&A with the students.
Simply. Marketing.

Tell one good story 100 ways for a positive return on your marketing investment. With a foolproof quarterly plan for content creation, repackaging, and repurposing, you can reach your customers and prospects for a fraction of the cost. We’ll show you how to coordinate and distribute a single big idea through channels you already own and where you should be: your website, blog, email, social media, sales collateral, signage, webinars, events—and so much more! 

Sourcing Sustainable Materials
The materials used and the end-of-life strategy for them impact the value of print significantly, and it's essential to understand how to source sustainable materials. Our expert panel of materials manufacturers will discuss what they're doing to promote sustainable material sourcing in the printing industry. You'll learn about the latest sustainable materials, their environmental benefits, and how they can help you reduce your carbon footprint.
Strategies for AI Photo Products
In the past year, artificial intelligence has become the new buzzword, but what is the impact on the photo products output market? How is AI being used? What other smart tools can boost customer engagement and sales? This panel will feature companies sharing their data and customer results to showcase the opportunities in the AI photo product space.
Success in a Digital World Requires a Digital Mindset
Today, digital production is mainstream production for more and more PSPs because moving jobs from analog offset to digital enables faster speed-to-market, flexibility to quote/delvier shorter runs and even higher value with variable data and more. Learn the market trends and workflow efficiencies needed to mainstream digital print for today and tomorrow.
Tapping Creativity and Content to Boost Photo Output
Photo output is more than snapshots. A new age of web tools and apps are increasing content and creativity for businesses, side-hustlers, students and individuals, leading to new output opportunities in education, family history and numerous vertical markets.
The Direct Mail Expert Forum
What's new in automation for direct mail? From workflow through finishing, this panel of experts has a lot to share!
The HP Indigo Model to Accelerate Brands’ Sustainability Messages and Amplify Their Marketing Effectiveness
Presenting the brands journey to adopt HP technology to accelerate their sustainability journey and marketing effectiveness, achieve their sustainability goals and amplify social impact messages via personalization with HP Indigo digital printing.
The New Math of Label Printing: Preparing for an Indigo-First Business Model
The new HP Indigo V12 with LEPx technology will push the analog to digital crossover point to levels never before possible, allowing label converters to print nearly any job using their HP Indigo fleet. With the V12 printing at 400 ft/minute it has the capacity to replace (3) traditional flexo lines enabling label converters to change their mindset to “Indigo first and flexo second.” An Indigo-first mindset fundamentally changes the business model of label printing by providing new levels of versatility, agility and dramatically reduced turnaround times — all at the quality of the industry-leading HP Indigo digital label printing.
The New Normal: How Leading PSPs Continue To Thrive During Turbulent Times
Unparalleled social and economic uncertainty require new levels of agility and flexibility for business success. As substrate and labor comprise an ever-larger share of print's total cost, HP Industrial digital printing presses are a key tool for commercial and packaging businesses. Learn how HP digital print technology leads the market with more capabilities, automation that impacts the bottom line, higher production speeds and industry-leading print quality.
Thriving in Uncertainty: Strategies for Resilience and Adaptability
This session will examine how to anticipate and respond to economic shifts, moments of crisis and other external factors. We will discuss how to adapt business models, explore new revenue streams, and take advantage of emerging opportunities to stay agile. Attendees will hear from PSPs who have successfully propelled their business forward amidst uncertainty.
Trends and Hot Topics in the Print Industry
In this interactive and dynamic session, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in small group discussions on topics such as AI in print (generative art), diversification and automation. By rotating through different tables and connecting with experts and peers, attendees will understand current trends, their impact on the industry and the opportunity for your business to grow.
Using Automated Color Control To Differentiate and Reduce DSO
Print smarter and reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by using PrintOS apps, data, and reports to prove color control and quality for every job. Leverage these tools to produce consistent brand color across multiple presses and locations. Local to global color management drives value and is possible today.
Using HP Digital Print To Open New Markets
How can your business open new markets, stay relevant and grow with HP PageWide and Indigo digital solutions?
Using LinkedIn Campaigns to Target the Right Customers

LinkedIn has become an integral piece in business to business selling. You may know it for making connections and researching prospects? But are you aware of the power of LinkedIn Campaigns? John Bracamontes from PryntBase will walk you through the do's,don'ts, tips and tricks that will help you develop and run precisely targeted campaigns aimed directly at your ideal customers.

Using Social Media and Why You Should Care

Adam Peek has achieved what some would say is a Masters in Social Media. He is an established podcaster, has an online course in selling packaging, and has an enviable social media following. But none of this happened overnight. It was gradual. Adam will walk you the steps he took to garner his social success and share examples with you of companies of all sizes that are succeeding at gaining the attention of customers AND young talent.

What's Next After a Merger or Acquisition?
You've considered acquiring or merging a business, but what comes next? This session will explore key steps and strategies for companies to consider after a merger or acquisition. We will discuss challenges and opportunities that arise during this transitional period and how companies can effectively integrate their operations and teams. Topics will include post-merger integration planning, communication strategies, talent retention, technology integration and customer engagement. By the end of the session, participants will gain insights and practical tips to navigate the post-merger landscape and position their companies for growth and competitive advantage.
Why Certification and Science-Based Targets are Critical to the Future of Your Company’s Success
More and more brands are requiring or expecting to require sustainability certification from the PSPs they work with. Join a panel of certified facilities to learn why this certification is so important for your success.
Why Now Is the Time for You To Embrace Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0 (I4) is revolutionizing the way companies manufacture, improve and distribute products. The digital transformation leads to increased automation, decision making based on instant data analytics, and a new level of efficiencies and responsiveness to customers. Your competition has embraced I4, have you?
Why What You're Selling isn't What Your Customer is Buying

This session is all about getting in touch with why customers really buy. We’ll talk about what causes them to get out their checkbook, sales triggers and how to relax pressure on price. We’ll share bit brand examples and demonstrate how changing the narrative puts the customer at ease and makes them choose you!

Bill examines typical printer talk tracks and why they are all wrong. He will teach you to focus on what each stakeholder wants out of the transaction and how to make them comfortable with your solution. You’ll learn what questions to ask and how to make everything you do more valuable — and more fun.

Your Next Sales Growth Plan

Undeniably, the pandemic changed the world, but there also a seismic shift in the sales world; specifically digital printing. As if it wasn’t already difficult enough to get an appointment with a decision-maker, now it seems like everyone has joined the Witness Protection Program and disappeared. Connecting with customers requires more than just a traditional selling. There are new rules, requiring a new growth plan. In this special kick-off session, Bill Farquharson and Kelly Mallozzi lay out the format for a new sales approach, one rooted in fundamentals but tackling unprecedented challenges.

Sessions subject to change