Full Name
Bill Farquharson
Job Title
Chief Content Creator
The Sales Vault
Speaker Bio
Bill Farquharson is a sales trainer and presenter for the print, signage, label, and packaging industries. The fact that he has nearly 40 years of hands-on sales experience in the Graphic Arts gives him great credibility with his audiences and clients.

Bill works:
1. At the local level coaching sales people and selling owners how to drive sales momentum by understanding where to look for leads, what to say, and how to create a prospecting process, beating voice mail, time management, etc.;
2. With equipment vendors, trade associations, and national franchises as a keynote speaker and to create online training programs.
3. As an Expert Witness in cases regarding sales employment agreements.

He is best known for his sales training content:
• A Short Attention Span Sales Tip on Mondays;
• His Printing Impressions column each month;
• The Sales Vault (SalesVault.pro) platform for sales development
• Three books available at BillFarquharson.com:
• The 25 Best Print Sales Tips Ever!
• The 25 Best Sign Sales Tips Ever!
• Who’s Making Money at Digital/Inkjet Printing…and How?

Bill’s passion for the industry and love of learning comes through with every live presentation. They are full of instantly-applicable ideas for beating sales challenges, not to mention a lot of fun to sit through! His is a fundamental message: Make a high-value, well-researched sales call on the right target market using a prospecting process applied with diligence and success is inevitable. Follow that formula and he’ll guarantee sales growth; a promise he makes and keeps with all of his coaching clients.

In all of his content (Online training, blogs, columns, and in person) Bill shares the wit and wisdom from the experienced mind of a veteran graphic arts sales veteran.